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Dreams Can Come True…

Caithlin Doyle with Miriam O' Callaghan at the Children of Courage Awards 2012
Caithlin Doyle with Miriam O' Callaghan at the Children of Courage Awards 2012
Dreams are very special to all of us. The Share a Dream Foundation move heaven and earth to make a dream come true for a child who is terminally ill. Every effort is made to include the immediate family in the child’s dream. We are helping to make the seemingly impossible become possible.

Family Time Away From It All

Every year we receive requests from hundreds of sick and disabled children from all over Ireland to go on a special holiday, a concert, an outing and enjoy a little quality time away from hospitals and painful treatments. Share a Dream organise a family break for hundreds of special children. The breaks are our opportunity to create a magical environment where these children don’t feel different, make lots of new friends and can take part in events they once thought were impossible.

Dream Concert

Each year we run our Annual Dream concert so that all children, no matter what their illness or disability, get a chance to enjoy a real concert full of boybands, popstars etc. This free event sees up to 1000 attending from all over Ireland, sick and disabled children with their families get back to the serious business of being kids again and just having fun!

National Children of Courage Awards and Dream Ball

Each year the Share a Dream Foundation honours eight special children by hosting the National Children of Courage Awards at its Annual Dream Ball. These children who have shown extraordinary courage and unbelievable determination to live life to the very best of their ability despite their serious illness or disability are chosen from hundreds of nominations received from around the country.

Dreamland Fun Centre

All children are entitled to a happy active childhood but not all children are so lucky. Childhood for some can be short lived, full of disappointment, pain, loneliness and fear. Unless you have a child or know of a child fighting a terrible life threatening illness or disability, deprived of the simplest of pleasures like "play" then it is impossible to fully appreciate how difficult life can be for these children and their parents.

For hundreds of very special children in Ireland their daily routine is a hard fought battle. Medical intrusions have become a normal part of their lives and trying to have a regular life is a conquest in itself. These children have strength and courage that needs to be admired, the strength to keep fighting for their lives and for the people that love them. Their bravery is something that should be rewarded and not taken for granted.

We want to build a very unique fun centre called DREAMLAND where no child regardless of their illness or disability will feel different; they have a right to feel like they belong. They will get the opportunity to get back to the serious business of just being kids again and having fun.

We want to build a magical place where just for a short time these children will forget about their hospitalisation, painful treatments, loneliness, disappointment and fears and trade them in for fun, laughter, friendship, love and a sack full of happy memories.


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