Fri, Jan 24, 2020
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Hannah May's Fairy Princess Dream Come True


Seven year old Hannah May Carroll from Athlone is an amazing little girl who has suffered so much in her short but traumatic young life but despite all she has gone through she always has a constant smile that would melt your heart. When Hannah was 2months old it was discovered she had a problem with her heart and she was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterica, therefore for the first year of her life Crumlin hospital became her second home.

It was then discovered that Hannah had a large hole in her heart and doctors were unable to close it fully, this meant open heart surgery. The only way they could replace the aorta, which is the main artery, was by putting in a cow's vein. Hannah has ongoing treatments and will need more into her late teens as the cow's vein has to be replaced every few years.

Dream come true…

Hannah May loves princesses and her dream was to be a real live Fairy Princess and spread some Fairy magic.

Her Mum Laura wrote to Shay Kinsella of the Share a Dream Foundation to ask if they could make Hannah’s dream come true which would give all of them a huge lift after a long battle and a lot of hospital visits and disappointments.

“For special angels like Hannah we move heaven and earth to make their fondest dreams come true", said Shay and so the dream Team got working straight away.

So, on Friday the 22nd of June Princess Hannah May with her brother Ryan and parents Laura and Robert travelled from their home in Athlone to the fabulous Grand Hotel in Malahide where the Princess and her family were guests of the hotel for the weekend. As it’s important for a Fairy Princess to have the correct Fairy attire, Princess Hannah then travelled to the Malahide Shopping Centre where she visited some of the shops and received some fairy Princess gifts.

Then, on Saturday morning the 23rd June, her carriage collected Hannah and her fairy godmother from the Grand hotel to travel to Malahide Castle and Gardens, where thanks to their wonderful team, Fairy Princess Hannah May opened their new 1.8km Fairy Trail.



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